Produce the most effective, certified organic, TCH free, full spectrum cannabinoid (CBD) products on the market to facilitate clients “naturally” winning their health battles and attaining optimum wellbeing.


OCANNA Co is America’s #1 Premium CBD Brand!

Our certified organic, THC Free, full spectrum CBD products are legal in all 50 states.

All of Ocanna’s products are non-GMO, contain no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers and are tested by third-party laboratories for Quality, Consistency and Purity.



Its fascinating how like-minded people whose #1 goal is to benefit others will meet. That’s how the Ocanna story begins, with Founders Brett and Josh being introduced over 7 years ago by a mutual friend. That friend recognized their common entrepreneurial passion and mutual goals – both were clearly intentional about applying their business skills and gifts in a way that benefited others.

The two quickly discovered another common thread – both were attempting to assist family members and close friends, dealing with health issues. Those situations were hopelessly complicated by a broken healthcare system that put undue emphasis on expensive, powerful prescription medications. Individually, Brett and Josh began researching CBD products as a more natural, plant-based solution.

Having suffered from anxiety and depression for years, Brett realized this might be the answer for him too. He started utilizing CBD products and eventually experienced what he can only describe as “phenomenal results;” total relief and an overall sense of peaceful wellbeing he had hoped for but never imagined he could achieve.

There were a lot of disappointments along the way though – in the form of underperforming products due to inconsistent potency and low-quality ingredients. This is where Ocanna was born; Brett and Josh agreed, there had to be a better product out there – and when they were unable to find one that met their expectations, they decided to offer it themselves!

Fortunately, their passion to help others is equally matched by their work ethic – they researched and worked in the trenches – really HARD. The Ocanna business model does not fit the “all encompassing corporate template,” and neither do its founders. Josh is the rare entrepreneur who works tirelessly with the goal of turning around and giving it all right back to those he feels are in need. Brett manages a collection of successful commercial endeavors while placing considerable emphasis on raising his two daughters. Neither fit the standard impresario image.

Their business model isn’t standard either. Ocanna products are not based on a financial foundation – but rather a wholesome, scientific, beneficial foundation – they offer only the purest, most consistent, organic plant-based products grown in the U.S., for an affordable price. Both know only too well what it’s like to witness family and friends who couldn’t afford the exorbitant-priced medications prescribed by their doctors, medications that also had a long list of debilitating side effects.

Additionally, Brett and Josh share the desire to surround themselves with people that they aspire to be like and grow from – people who also have a passion to benefit others. To that end, they assembled a multi-generational team of health aficionados and wellness experts, that are now honored to be of service to Ocanna’s family of patrons.