Iconic Pain Relief

I have been using OCANNA CBD products for over a month now. As a former world class track and field athlete I have put my body through some serious abuse for which I still feel the effects many years later. I am constantly trying new ways to improve joint pain and inflammation so that I can continue to workout effectively and have seen amazing results with the OCANNA CBD products. I recommend these high quality CBD products for anyone that wants their body to feel the best that it can.

– Dean Starkey, 1997 World Championships Bronze Medalist, Pole-Vault,  Queen Creek, AZ 

Nature’s Anxiety & Stress Crusher

Taken daily as recommended, I have found my anxiety levels to be much more manageable. While nothing will ever take my fears away completely, Ocanna CBD Tincture has helped me feel much more capable of facing them head on. No day seems insurmountable, and no problem unsolvable.

– Kai C., California 

Pain Free Training 

For the last three years I have been haunted with chronic hamstring tendon pain due to the intense training demands of being a professional track and field athlete. I had tried every possible solution with no results. About a month ago I tried OCANNA CBD oil and was astounded by how much better my hamstring felt. I can now train pain free and worry free. I highly recommend OCANNA CBD to anyone looking to reduce pain and inflammation.

– Garrett Starkey, Professional Track and Field Athlete,
Queen Creek, AZ

Got My Mobility Back

I could hardly go anywhere because moving hurt so much. And at night – there was no quality sleep because of excruciating pain. Nothing seemed to cut the pain or give me any real relief.

Then my daughter sent me Ocanna CBD Cream hoping it might work. I was amazed at what a difference it made. In just a few days, I was able to walk throughout two stores alongside my husband, and never had to stop or slow down. Better yet, I’m sleeping without fighting constant pain, even when I accidentally roll onto my right side. 

I admit to hesitating about using a cannabis-based product (that’s just how my generation views this stuff), but now that I’ve experienced how effective it really is, I’ll never hesitate again. I’m an 85-year old believer in the power of Ocanna and their CBD cream!

– Barbara L., Prescott, AZ

Amazing Products

Ocanna’s CBD products are unbelievable! Both the gummies and tincture worked instantaneously. I thought CBD was a hoax until I tried Ocanna. These products are high quality, affordable, and show fast results. Also, the lip balm is the best thing ever, way more hydrating than Burt’sBees. Love this company and everything it stands for!!

– Estefy O., Phoenix AZ 

CBD RELIEF Cream Replaces Ibuprofen 

Though not a “spring chicken,” I maintain a busy workload, which includes long hours on my feet (12-14 hours days) when I’m working as a cooking instructor. With arms full of class groceries , I recently tripped over a curb and went down hard on my left knee; pain was excruciating and knew right then it was badly banged up. 

Thankfully, Ocanna’s CBD Relief cream to the rescue. Combined with ice packs at night, I was able to work right through for the next two weeks with little discomfort – AND WITHOUT IBUPROFEN – which I try to avoid because of its negative side affects. Applying 3 times a day, Ocanna’s CBD Relief cream helped keep swelling down and pain minimized. I was amazed at how well it worked.

– Candy L. Tempe, AZ